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Average Cost of Chimney Sweeping
Proper chimney maintenance is very important to the overall safety of your home. A clogged chimney can be a very serious fire hazard. On average, it costs $138.10 to have your chimney swept by a professional. In most cases, prices should range from about $125 to $149 per visit. There are a few items that will factor into the total cost, including labor costs in your area and the accessibility of your chimney. If the contractor discovers a problem with your chimney, you will also be responsible for the cost of any additional repairs. For instance, you may need to replace a chimney cap or install a new flue liner.

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$123.18 per visit in Charlotte, NC
$147.36 per visit in Chicago, IL
$121.62 per visit in Columbus, OH
$124.87 per visit in Dallas, TX
$135.08 per visit in Denver, CO
$124.92 per visit in Detroit, MI
$129.81 per visit in Orlando, FL
$121.04 per visit in Little Rock, AR
$191.14 per visit in New York, NY
$152.63 per visit in Philadelphia, PA
$135.99 per visit in Portland, OR
$179.72 per visit in Oakland, CA
$123.57 per visit in Savannah, GA
$151.82 per visit in Seattle, WA
$179.86 per visit in Washington, DC
$119.01 per visit in Wichita, KS
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